How to Make Your Own Dog Toy

Making a dog toy

How to Make Your Own Dog Toy

Make Your Own Dog Toy

Here is an easy step by step guide on how to make your own dog toy. A fun toy for your dog is a fleece dog tug. These simple, easy to make dog tugs are a cheap way to have fun with your dog. I like to have a few around of various sizes for tossing or tugging, but please only give them to your dog while supervised.

These can be made from used or inexpensive fleece throw. I get mine at Walmart for under $3.00 each. Each one will make 2 or 3 toys depending on how you cut them.


Start by folding the throw in half, this will make cutting the strips faster. I cut from the fold to the edge. a longer fold will yield shorter strips for short tugs and a shorter fold will yield longer strips for longer tugs.

Cut into strips about 1 1/2 to 2 inches wide. don’t worry about jagged or imperfect lines.

Separate strips into two bundles (three, if you’re making tugs thinner). take one of the bundles and fold in half. Twist the middle together about 6 inches and fold over a door knob.

Divide strips into three equal parts. Braid tightly but leave space at the top to get off the door knob.

When you only have 2 or 3 inches left, tie a knot at the bottom. Remove from door knob.

There you have it! A fun colorful fleece dog tug toy.

Variations :

Make a double knotted tug by tying a knot at the top and then braid and knot at other end.

Use strips from different colored throws to make multicolored tugs.

Cut shorter lengths for smaller tugs or tossing toys.

Before braiding is done insert tennis ball (with hole through) onto the middle section and continue braiding around the ball.



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