Teach Your Puppy to Potty on Command

potty on command

Teach Your Puppy to Potty on Command

Why teach your puppy to potty on command? Because sometimes you need your dog to do their business right away.

To do this we give them a command to communicate that it’s time to pee or poop. First, your dog needs to learn Word + Action.

Choose your potty commands. You will want two separate potty commands. One for pee and one for poop. I use words like “go pee” or “potty” and “do your business” or “go poo”. You can be creative if you wish but simple is better.

Take your puppy outside to relieve himself.  As soon as he begins to pee, begin repeating your new word or phrase. . “potty, potty, potty…” Repeat until he stops peeing. Do the same when he squats to poop. “go poop, go poop, go poop…” Keep in mind you need separate words for each.

That’s it. Continue repeating your command words for about 1 week and then test your dog. Go to your potty spot and give your command word or phrase and give your puppy a chance to go. If your puppy is still distracted too easily or not understanding the command then you may need to continue repeating your word for a few more days or another week. Most puppies I’ve worked with understand after 5 to 10 days but all dogs are different. Just be consistent and clear with your words. Your puppy will get it soon.

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