Puppy Training St. Louis • Puppy Head Start Camp

Puppy Training St. Louis • Puppy Training Head Start Camp

St. Louis Puppy Training Camps

Is Your Puppy Nipping, Biting or Chewing?

Not Enough Time for Puppy Training Classes?

Are You Having Trouble Crating Your Puppy?

You are not alone! We’ve helped hundreds of puppy owners in the St. Louis area. Upon completion of our Puppy Training Head Start Camp, you will have a well mannered puppy! 

Puppy Training Head Start 10-Day Camp | $795

Our Puppy Training Head Start program will give your puppy a head start on leash manners, door manners, social skills around people and other dogs and learning the needed behavioral and social skills to guide them into adulthood.

*For puppies 12-16 weeks of age. **Must have at least 2 puppy vaccinations.

What Will Your Puppy Be Learning?

  • Not jumping up on people
  • Not putting their mouth on you
  • Learning to accept handling
  • Learn their name
  • Rest quietly in their crate
  • Sit calmly
  • Walk nicely on leash
  • Begin come when called

Our Puppy Training Head Start Camp Includes:

  • 10 Day Board and Train
  • Email and Facebook updates
  • Training equipment
  • 4 Free follow up lessons after your initial one hour “Go Home Lesson”
  • 1 Remote training collar

Continuing Education Options

As your puppy grows up you may wish to refresh the training or even take things to an advanced level. We offer two continuing education options that upgrade your dog’s training to the adult dog level.

Puppy Grow-Up (10 Day)

Bring your puppy back after your initial Puppy Program to refresh your training and address any problem areas.

Puppy to Adult (15 Day)

Take your puppy’s training to the adult level to develop better attention, more control and a more cooperative companion.

Why wait until your puppy develops bad habits? Start your puppy off right and sign up now!