Well Mannered Pet • St. Louis Dog Training Camp

Well Mannered Pet • St. Louis Dog Training Camp

Perfectly Mannered Pet St Louis Dog Training Camp
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The Well Mannered Pet | $1675

At Canine life Skills we offer a St. Louis dog training camp that takes your dog’s training to the next level.

Our Well Mannered Pet program is an excellent dog training camp designed to extend your dog’s training experience and include outdoor adventures into your daily routine.

In this program we  put emphasis on additional social and behavioral skills. If your dog gets overly excited and doesn’t listen well this is an excellent training camp to teach him or her to stay well -mannered around different social environments and distractions.

Your dog will stay with us for a fifteen day board and train and after completion you will receive additional training with two in home lessons with our expert dog trainers. Our on-going support ensures you have the tools to maintain your dog’s new training.

The Well Mannered Pet
St. Louis Dog Training Camp Includes:

  • Fifteen day camp boarding at our facility
  • Two in home lessons
  • Unlimited follow up lessons
  • Social skills training including outings at local parks and stores
  • Sit and stay when needed
  • Down and stay when asked
  • Go place and stay there
  • Leave items alone that are not his or hers
  • No jumping
  • Come when called
  •  Remote training collar

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Our professional dog trainer working on relax and “easy” command to teach the difference between relaxation and excitement time.

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