The Confident Dog • Behavioral Dog Training Bootcamp

The Confident Dog • Behavioral Dog Training Bootcamp

St Louis Dog Behavioral Modification Dog Training Camp

Is Your Dog Overly Excited?

Having Trouble Controlling Your Dog In Public?

Does Your Dog Have Bad Manners?

Don’t worry we can help! Our Confident Dog Boot Camp focuses on social and behavioral training for anyone in the greater St. Louis area. Your dog will leave happy, well-mannered and confident! 

The Confident Dog |Behavioral Dog Training Boot Camp | $2575

Behavioral dog training program’s are great for dog owners looking for extensive training that focuses on specific behavior issues as well as basic obedience training.

The Confident Dog includes everything in our Oh My Dog! Program plus extra social work to build confidence around people and other dogs. With a strong focus on behavioral dog training, the program is built on setting your dog up with a strong foundation and skill set.

We train your dog with environmental distractions and outside influences to reinforce an appropriate outlet for their access energy and anxious behaviors.

Owner participation is needed in the follow up lessons to insure success of the program and to help you handle situations at home and out and about.

What Will Your Dog Be Learning?

  • No jumping up on people
  • Heel
  • Sit/Stay
  • Down/Stay
  • Off
  • Out
  • Place,wait
  • Sit calmly
  • Walk nicely on leash
  • Come when called
  • Maintain place command
  • No barking when told
  • Anxiety issues

Our Confident Dog Program Includes:

  • 21 day board and train
  • Three In home sessions
  • Unlimited follow up lessons
  • Two extra days of camp later for a refresher
  • One remote training collar

[youtube id=”PBSmdnMWnDQ”]

Watch one of our place command in action!

Continuing Education

With this program you will receive unlimited follow-up lessons at our facility as well as two free days of boot camp for a later date to serve as a “refresher” course for your dog.

Don’t forget your 3 in home lessons to insure the training is maintained properly and to help you handle in home situations.

Have your dog start feeling confident today and sign up now!