St. Louis Dog Training Boot Camps

St. Louis Dog Training Boot Camps

At Canine Life Skills we offer St. Louis Dog Training Boot Camps from basic to advanced manners, problem behaviors, and off leash reliability. You choose the amount of training you want us to do with your dog and then we teach you how to continue reinforcing the training and provide unlimited free follow ups to help you reach your goal for the perfect dog.

Canine Life Skills has been bringing balanced professional dog training to the greater St. Louis area, and sometimes even beyond that, since 2006.

While your dog stays with us they will receive 3-4 training sessions of 30-60 minutes a day with one of our remote collar specialists plus outside time to sniff and watch other dogs working. Your dog will be working close by other dogs and may have social time with others when appropriate.

We also take some of our trainees to the park or a dog friendly store like Lowes or Petsmart to work on social skills and distractions. We want you to be able to take your dog anywhere and be a calm, happy and confident companion that you can show off.

Are you having any of these problems with your dog?

  • Running away
  • Jumping on you
  • Biting or nipping
  • Dragging you on leash
  • Bolting through doors
  • Lack of attention
  • Chewing your possessions
  • Not being calm while crated
  • Trouble being calm


Our Boot Camps includes a complimentary “Go Home Lesson” that teaches you the proper owner education to continue your dog’s training at home. All Programs also include on-going assistance as needed.

Our Board and Train Dog Training Boot Camps

St. Louis Board and Train Dog Training

Our Board and Train Boot Camps are extremely beneficial for dog owners who would like their dog to have a solid foundation and skill set that will easily transition into their home. Dogs stay at our facility and are supervised by our dog training professionals, and their training starts right away and around the clock.

With full-time training and interaction with our staff and owner education, dog owners are set up for success after their dog completes any program.

Basic Home Manners | $1195

Our New Basic Home Manners Program is a great camp to teach your dog to pay attention and be better mannered around the house and guests. For dogs 12 weeks and up. A great starter program for puppies.


  • 10 day camp boarding at our facility
  • 2 refresher days of camp laterr
  • Unlimited follow up lessons
  • Not pull on leash
  • Sit at doors or close to owner
  • Lay quietly on bed
  • Leave items alone that are not his or hers
  • No jumping
  • No nipping/mouthing
  • Drop toys or objects when asked
  • Pay attention and learn their name
  • Come when called around the house

Home and On The Go | $1695

Our New Home and On The Go Program is perfect for the dog owner who needs more than basic house manners and enjoys taking their dog on walks and to dog friendly places. For dogs 12 weeks and up.


  • 15 day camp at our facility
  • 3 refresher days of camp later
  • Unlimited follow up lessons
  • Walk nicely at your side on leash
  • Sit/Stay
  • Not rush out doors
  • Lay quietly on their bed
  • Not jump on people
  • Leave things alone
  • Come when called around the house and yard
  • Work on being calm around guests
  • Not nip or mouth
  • Gain attention around distractions
  • Lay down when asked
  • Learn activities to build calm
  • Accept handling for nail trims


*We can personalize any of our dog training programs to your needs. You may upgrade your program at any time.

    Advanced Foundation| $2295

Our New Advanced Foundation Program is great for dogs that have leash frustration, anxiety, over excitable behavior around guests or dogs, or owners just looking for the best foundation of training to give lasting results. For dogs 16 weeks and up.

  • 21 day camp at our facility
  • 4 refresher days of camp later
  • Unlimited follow up lessons
  • Come when called around distractions
  • Walk nicely on leash around distractions
  • Sit around distractions
  • Down around distractions
  • Not rush through doors
  • Go to bed until released
  • Not jump on people
  • Leave things alone
  • No mouthing or nipping
  • Gain attention around distractions
  • Confidence building
  • Calming activities
  • Handling for nail trims and grooming
  • Drop toys and objects when asked