One on One Dog Training Classes

St Louis Dog Training Classes

One on One Dog Training Classes with our Professional Dog Trainers

Canine Life Skills One on One Dog Training Classes are great for you and your dog to learn together! Come and work with one of our professional dog trainers for an hour once a week and we’ll teach you how to train your dog. One on One private lessons are great for basic manners, training your dog to listen off the leash, and problem-solving behavior problem.

*For dogs 12 weeks and up.

 The Well-Mannered Dog – Light | $465

A hands-on training program that gives you a well mannered dog in a few short weeks. No more pulling you on a leash or jumping on you or guests. Your dog will listen better and be more attentive on walks and around the house.


  • Four private lessons
  • Four commands (Let’s go, Come, Sit/Stay, Off)
  • 1 Remote training collar

The Well-Mannered Dog – Extended | $665

Complete hands-on training program for a well mannered dog that will listen around the house and beyond the yard. No more pulling you on a leash or jumping on your or guests.  Your dog will be a calmer more attentive companion around all kinds of distractions.


  • Seven private lessons
  • Seven commands (Let’s go, Come, Sit/Stay, Down/Stay, Wait, Place, Off)
  • 1 Remote training collar.

The Well-Mannered Dog – Off Leash Control | $865

The Well- Mannered Dog is Off Leash Control is  one of our most popular One-On-One Dog Training Classes. This program takes your to the complete off leash experience. Direct your dog to load up in the car or stay on the porch, call your dog away from distractions such as wildlife or other dogs and teach them how to walk at your side until released. Teach your dog to back away from things you do not want them around and learn how to get your dog to lay down and stay put.


  • Ten private lessons
  • Unlimited commands (all the above and more)
  • 1 Remote training collar.
Dog Tricks Training Classes

Dog Trick Training – Have Fun With Your Dog

Trick Training isn’t the same as obedience training. With obedience training, we want our dogs to learn to behave in everyday situations by teaching common commands like Sit, Down, Come, Stay, and Leave it.

Trick training is about having fun and/or teaching your dog other useful commands. I like to teach my dogs to back up when I ask. This is fun and useful when you need them to get out of the way. “Give me your paw” is also impressive and helpful when you need to clip your dog’s nails. Sit Pretty, like the example above, strengthens back and leg muscles for better health.