One on One Dog Training Classes

St Louis Dog Training Classes

One on One Dog Training Classes with our Professional Dog Trainers

Canine Life Skills One on One Dog Training Classes are great for you and your dog to learn together! Come and work with one of our professional dog trainers for an hour once a week and we’ll teach you how to train your dog. One on One private lessons are great for basic manners, training your dog to listen off the leash, and problem-solving behavior problem.

*For dogs 12 weeks and up.

Basic Obedience – Light | $425

We begin teaching leash manners, coming when called, sit, and address jumping, nipping and stealing.


  • 3 private lessons
  • Commands (Let’s go, Come, Sit, Off)
  • 1 Remote training collar

Basic Obedience – Plus | $650

Training for around the house and beyond the yard. No more pulling you on a leash or jumping on your or guests.  Your dog will be a calmer more attentive companion.

Here we teach leash manners, coming when called around the house and yard, sit/stay, down/stay, place on their bed, and address jumping, stealing, nipping, chewing, and accepting handling of the body.


  • 6 private lessons
  • Commands (Let’s go, Come, Sit/Stay, Down/Stay, Place, Off)
  • 1 Remote training collar.

Basic Obedience – Advanced | $800

This program gives your dog an advanced foundation of training to last your dog a life time.

Your dog will learn to walk nicely on leash, sit/stay and down/stay around distractions, wait until released to go through doorways or gates, stay on their bed or other places, and come when called around distractions.

We will also address jumping, nipping, chewing, mouthiness, and stealing.


  • 8 private lessons
  • Commands (Let’s go, Heel, Sit/Stay, Down/Stay, Come, Off, Out, and Wait)
  • 1 Remote training collar.

One on one private dog training