House Training a New Puppy

House Training a New Puppy

House Training a New Puppy

 House Training a New Puppy: Puppy Training Tips

When house training a new puppy, supervision is the key to success. Until your puppy is reliable you must keep a close eye on him at all times. The easiest method is the tether. Attach a six foot leash to your puppy’s collar and attach to your pocket or belt loop. This way the puppy is never six feet out of reach and you can use the leash to escort him quickly outside.

Use the tether until the puppy becomes reliable for a couple of hours at a time. Continue keeping a watchful eye on him for signs he needs to go out. When it is not possible to have his tether on put him in his crate.

Treat his crate like a baby’s playpen. It’s a safe place for him to chew on a toy and your floor stays dry.

Always take your puppy immediately outside after a nap, time in his crate, mealtimes, after play and first thing in the morning.

Do not place water bowl in the crate. Let your puppy see where his water dish is and give ample opportunity to drink.

Remember: What goes in must come out. Keep on a regular feeding schedule.

If your puppy is in the process of doing his business, startle to stop, No, or stomp foot, and get him outside immediately.

Watch for him to go potty outside and praise. You can add a cue phrase such as “get to it” “go potty” “do your business” as he is going potty. Repeat it several times each time he potty’s to help him make the association.

Clean any messes with an enzyme cleaner such as Natures Miracle or Simple Solution. Household detergents and carpet cleaners can’t wash away the smell enough for your puppy to not detect it.

Never punish or scold the puppy for a mistake. Physical punishment can lead to submissive peeing or a puppy that is afraid to do his business in your presences.


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