Training a German Shepherd

Training a German Shepherd Dog

We train a German Shepherd the same way we train any dog. Using the basic commands: heel, sit, down, come, wait, place, off and out to give us the foundation to expand on in different situations and around more difficult distractions.
Exercise is important for […]

Remote e-collar training - Canine Life Skills

Remote E-Collar Training

Remote E-Collar Training for Dogs
Remote E-Collar Training is often a misunderstood training tool for owners and trainers. Here is a list of some basic misconceptions when it comes to using remote E-Collar training for your dog.

5 Top Lies about Remote E-Collars
You can’t use one […]

Dogs and intestinal worms

Canine Intestinal Worms: How to Treat Them

Canine Intestinal Worms
There are four primary types of canine intestinal worms that can infect your dog. They are Hookworms, Roundworms, Tapeworms, and Whipworms.
Hookworms attach themselves to the wall of the intestine and feed on the dog’s blood. Adult worms lay eggs that are passed […]