dog eating out of food bowl

What’s in your dogs food bowl?

You should always check with your veterinarian about your dog’s diet but I’d like to give you a little information so you can make an informative decision.
There’s a lot of talk about raw diets out there and you may hear talk from both sides […]

teaching dogs to calm

Creating a calmer dog

Why should you teach your dog to be calm.
It helps alleviate stress coming from not being able to self settle themselves or always being “on”.
It reduces the chances of your dog lunging and barking at other dogs and people due to stress and fear […]

sit on the dog

The Sit on the Dog Exercise

The Sit on the Dog exercise was created by Margo Woods years ago to help dogs calm themselves. It is one of the best exercises to teach your dog and can be done anytime and almost anywhere.
So here it is…
Sit on the Dog
If you […]