Are you having any of these issues with your Dog?

  • Jumping up on people

  • Bolting out the door

  • Not coming when called

  • Biting or nipping

  • Having overly excited behavior

  • Not listening when distracted

  • Won’t be calm while crated

  • Doesn’t walk well on leash

 Our Dog Training Boot Camps And One on One Classes Solve Your Problems!

Boot Camps

We provide St. Louis Dog Training Board and Train Boot Camps and Behavior Modification Camps to train your dog to be a well-mannered addition to your household. Let us train for you.

One on One Classes

Dog and puppy owners who want to be a part of all the training with their dog can sign up for our One-on-One Private Training Classes with our professional dog trainers. Get weekly instructions.

Puppy Head Start

Our Puppy Head Start Bootcamp will give your puppy a head start on learning the needed manners and social skills to guide them into adulthood. Let us give your puppy a head start!

Check Out Our Blog!

Check our blog to watch dog training tutorial videos to help maintain your training at home. You can also read up on all of our  St. Louis Dog Training news and tips plus updates here at Canine Life Skills.

Have a dog that listens when you really need them to.
Learn how to have a calmer, less anxious dog.
Solve your dogs frustrating behavior once and for all. 

We don’t just train your dog, we teach you how to maintain your dog’s training and how to implement the training in your day to day life. We provide solutions for your individual needs and offer continued support to keep up with your dog’s new and improved skills.

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