Dog training with our E-Shaping method gives your dog clear communication for faster Off Leash control. -Build a better, faster response -Interrupt bad behavior from a distance -Piece of mind for when you need your dog’s attention most -Fun and easy way to teach your

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dog training st louis

Providing solutions for your needs

Imagine your dog walking nicely by your side ignoring squirrels or other dogs and not jumping up on people you greet along the way. Transform your dog into a well mannered companion with training. Start now for a better dog.   We help your dog

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We guarantee satisfaction

We know our training will work for all dogs, that’s why we can guarantee you will be satisfied with your results… Your success is what matters to us!.. But don’t take our word for it. See what owners are saying about our dog training camps.

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puppy training st louis | dog training st louis

Dog Training for off leash freedom

Have a reliable off leash dog in as little as 2 weeks… No more chasing after your dog… No worrying about running into the street… Your dog will listen to you when you call them and enjoy more freedom too… Let us show you how.

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Dog Training Boot Camps

Our small company gives you big results and personal attention.. We take on only a handful of clients at a time so your dog has our full attention. Get daily updates, detailed lesson plans, and videos to help maintain your training.   We understand that

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