Dog Training St Louis

Having a well mannered dog is easy – let us do the hard work for you!   Do you wish your dog would listen more? Do you find yourself chasing or yelling at your dog? Have you thought about training but never have the time?

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Dog training with our E-Shaping method is taught by our remote training collar specialists. E-Shaping is for ALL dogs, big and small. Our trainers will teach you how to use just the right level to shape your dog’s behavior for a happy well behaved dog.

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dog training st louis

Private Dog Training

Work one on one with our certified trainers to learn how to solve problems like jumping, bolting through doors, barking and biting, and pulling on leash. Learn how to turn your over excitable dog into a calmer happier companion that listens every time… Learn more

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Dog Training Boot Camps

Our small company gives you big results and personal attention.. We take on only a handful of clients at a time so your dog has our full attention. Get daily updates, detailed lesson plans, and videos to help maintain your training.   We understand that

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Find out how... Our Dog and Puppy Training will have your dog listening to you on and off the leash!
  • Are you having any of these issues?

    • Running away
    • Jumping on you
    • Barking too much
    • Biting or nipping
    • Dragging you on leash
    • Bolting through doors
    • Aggression to other dogs
    • Lack of attention
    • Chewing your possessions
    • Not being calm in crate
    • Housetraining problems
  • Would you like a dog that...

    • Listens to you
    • Comes when called
    • Remains calm under distractions
    • Will greet people politely
    • Will ignore other dogs on a walk
    • Play without getting over excited
    • Walk at your side on leash
    • Rest quietly in their crate
    • Stay put where you tell them
    • Be a polite companion
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